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Pegboard Panels, Pegboard Hooks, Peg Hook Kits for Garage Organization

Pegboard Accessories, plastic pegboard panels, pegboard hooks, and peg hook kits.

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   No more loose or wobbly pegs falling on the floor, these tough plastic

     pegboard hooks stay put


            Get your free peg hook  today...details at bottom of page.



       FlexLock peg hooks for your pegboard     Our plastic pegboard hooks can hold all your tools

           Wall storage peg hooks fit 1/4" pegboard and cam lock to the tool board 

                        for a sturdy fit to hold your stuff better than a metal peg ever will.


                                                                                        Made in the  USA



New 75 Pc. Mixed Peg Hook Kit            1/4" H.D. Size  



                    $19.95                    Free Shipping                  

1/4" SIZE75 Hook Kit75 Hook Kit




75 Mixed Kit Includes:


25 -  Flex-Lock J style pegs  1.0" Dia. 

25 -  Flex-Lock L style peghooks,1.5"   

25 -  Flex-Lock Jumbo Pegs, 3"






This is a great starter kit and pegboard organizer for tools and craft storage.



                                                                                                    Made in the  USA



  New 80 Pc. Pegboard Hook Assortment    


FlexLock peg hooks can fit any ¼” pegboard



    80 Tuff  locking pegs




 $23.95  Free Shipping





1/4" SIZE

80 Hook Kit80 Hook Kit











Kit Includes:


25 ea. Flex-Lock J style peg hooks, 1.0" Dia.

25 ea.  Flex-Lock L stylepeg hooks, 1.5" 

10 ea. HD 1/4" Flex-Lock Box Pegs

10 ea. HD 1/4" Flex-Lock Spring Pegs

10 ea. HD 1/4" Jumbo Flex-LockPeg Hooks 




 Flex-Lock peg hooks are the best tool storage and tool organizer pegs available.


                        Earth friendly plastics....Free Shipping... right to your door!


                                                                                               Made in the  USA



FLEX-LOCK  Tuff Plastic Pegboard Hooks...



  • Lock to pegboard, hold more tools in less space , no plastic

            locks to buy... the best for safe wall storage available today. 


  • Thats right, buy Flex-Lock pegs and you're done.


  • Buy metal hooks ... then you have to buy the plastic locks...

            to keep the peghooks on the board and off the floor.



            Oops, the metal hooks and locks take up to 3 times the space.


                                      FLEX-LOCK                            METAL  HOOKS       

 Hang your wrenches with a plastic pegboard hook


So lets see if I have this right...

  • Buy Flex-Lock peg hooks, which 
    are easy to install with just

             one push, come with safety rounded tips, and oh yeah...

                                                                 ...they lock to the pegboard

  • Or buy the metal pegs, and to keep them on the board you have

             to  go and buy the plastic locks  that take up more  space... and


             You spend moretime and money to install them...


                        ...Who's the genius that came up with that!



                Garage Tool Bench Organization Made Simple!


                                                                                                  Made in the  USA


   Buy  & L  Style      Flex Lock Peg hooks




                                                          1/4" H.D. Size 

       Kits Include:


                                J Style Locking Pegboard Hooks, 1.0" Dia. 

                                L Style Locking Pegboard Hooks, 1.5" length 


                           50 Total               50 Total               100 Total                100 Total

 1/4" SIZE  25 J + 25 L Pegs 25 J + 25 L Pegs50 J + 50 L Pegs50 J + 50 L Pegs
 ITEM #PS-50WPS-50B  PS-100W PS-100B
PRICE $11.95$11.95 $19.95  $19.95  


 Flex-Lock peg hooks stay locked on the tool board until you want to move them. 


          Free Shipping                  Order Help          

                                                                                                   Made in the  USA


   Buy  L Style Only   Flex Lock Peg hooks


                                                           1/4" H.D. Size

              Bulk Pack Pricing:                                             Peg Length 1 1/2"


1/4" SIZE  50 L  Hooks50 L  Hooks100 L  Hooks 100 L Hooks
ITEM # PS 118 B  PS 117 W PS 116 B  PS 115 W
PRICE$11.95  $11.95   $19.95$19.95

L style is a great tool bench peg hook...and works for crafts, hobby items, and more.



         Free Shipping             Order Help


                                                                                                      Made in the  USA

Buy J Style Only   Flex Lock Peg hooks

                                                               1/4" H.D. Size

                      Bulk Pack Pricing:                                         Peg Dia. 1"

1/4" SIZE50 J Hooks50 J Hooks100 J Hooks100 J Hooks
ITEM #PS 112 B PS 111 WPS 114 BPS 113 W
PRICE$11.95 $11.95 $19.95$19.95

J style is a great for holding items needing more support for wall storage.




                                                                                                    Made in the USA

FLEX-LOCK  Plastic Pegboard Hooks...


       New box peg  securely holds every tool !


           The metal hooks...

                                            ... still trying to decide which way is up. 



                                      FLEX-LOCK                        METAL LOOP

            Hang your pliers with pegboard hooks


Really cool peg, can be mounted vertical or horizontal to hold all

                                   kinds of items. Pliers and screwdrivers work great with this  peg.



Buy  Box Style Only       Flex Lock Peg hooks

                                                           1/4" H.D. Size

          Bulk Pack Pricing:


1/4" SIZE   25 Box Pegs25 Box Pegs 50 Box Pegs50 Box Pegs
 ITEM # PS 105 BPS 105 W   PS 106 B PS 106 W
PRICE$7.95 $7.95   $11.95 $11.95 

Box style is a great peg for pliers, screw drivers, or any vertical wall storage item .



  Free Shipping             

                                                         Order Help

                                                                                               Made in the  USA


  FLEX-LOCK  Plastic Pegboard Hooks...


      New Spring Peg... holds  screwdrivers, punches, and all sizes of

          tools better and straighter  than metal peg hooks .


                              FLEX-LOCK                    METAL PEG HOOKS 

       screwdriver holders       

   New Spring Pegs hold all sizes of screwdrivers... the short ones...

                   ... the skinny ones... the ones that fall through metal holders.


           Great for drill bits, punches, etc, etc... 

                                                                          ... all the items metal pegs can't hold.


Buy  Spring Style Only   Flex Lock Peg hooks


                                                         1/4" H.D. Size

          Bulk Pack Pricing:

 1/4" SIZE  25 Spring Pegs25 Spring Pegs 50 Spring Pegs50 Spring Pegs
 ITEM # PS 107 BPS 107 W   PS 108 B PS 108 W
PRICE$7.95  $7.95 $11.95 $11.95


Spring style is a pegboard organizer with more uses than just a tool organizer.



    Free Shipping                       

                                                            Order Help                                       


                                                                                            Made in the  USA 





Buy  JUMBO STYLE  Only   Flex Lock Peg hook


                                           1/4" H.D. Size

          Bulk Pack Pricing:               2.5" peg length                                 

 1/4" SIZE  25 Jumbo Pegs25 Jumbo Pegs50 Jumbo Pegs50 Jumbo Pegs
ITEM # PS 109 B  PS 109 WPS 110 B  PS 110 W
PRICE$8.95  $8.95$14.95   $14.95


Large peg hooks for your tools

  • Holds Heavy Drills                    
  • Power Tools
  • Locks to board        

 Jumbo Peg Hook designed for heavy items, wraps

 and holds items more secure than other drill holders. 


 Adjust locations for level storage and better support.


Great pegboard accessory for 1/4" pegboard



        Free Shipping                     

                                               Order Help 


             FLEX-LOCK Plastic Pegboard Hooks...


                                                       ....your Quality Choice




  • Flex Lock peg board hooks will fit  all WallPeg Peg boards and Standard 1/4"  

                                                                           American made pegboard.




FREE PEG HOOK                     



Mail us a  self addressed stamped envelope with your return address

and we will send you a  free peg hook  to check your board size.



     Try a  free peg hook  on us...

                                                ...see the   Flex-Lock Advantage



      Mail to:  USAPEG, P.O. Box 162234, Fort Worth, Tx. 76161


Free Shipping      Free Shipping



           We only ship to the lower 48 States.

                       Usually 24 hours after payment is received


                                    Fast Free Shipping to your front doorPegboard kits are carefully packagedGarage Organizers shipped free to your front door

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